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If you’re in kidney failure, you’re going to need dialysis to take over the functions of your kidneys. There are two primary forms of dialysis, including hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis (PD). Before you can start treatment, you need a catheter placed to assist in the removal of waste and fluids from your blood. The experienced team at North Atlanta Vascular Clinic, in Suwanee/Johns Creek, Alpharetta, Cumming and Lawrenceville, Georgia, offers PD catheter placement. To learn more, call today or book an appointment online.

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Pd catheter Q & A

What is PD?

PD is a form of dialysis that uses your own body plus a special dialysis solution to filter your blood. Unlike with hemodialysis, once the solution has been placed in your abdominal cavity, you can go about your usual activities while the solution removes waste and fluid from your blood.

After a few hours, you drain the dialysis solution from your abdomen and discard it, then place a new bag of solution in your abdominal cavity, which is referred to as an exchange. You may need to conduct several exchanges throughout the day to keep your blood free of waste and fluid. Your specialist at North Atlanta Vascular Clinic or kidney doctor can determine how many exchanges you need.

What is a PD catheter?

A PD catheter is a device that allows you to place the dialysis solution in your abdominal cavity and then remove it. The specialists at North Atlanta Vascular Clinic can perform your PD catheter placement.

The catheter, which is a flexible tube as wide as a pencil, is either placed in your abdomen, chest, or sternum. Your specialist at North Atlanta Vascular Clinic helps you determine the best location for your catheter.

How is a PD catheter placed?

PD catheter placement is considered minor surgery and usually takes less than an hour. To minimize discomfort, the procedure is conducted under general anesthesia. After your PD catheter is placed, you can go home the same day.

Your specialist at North Atlanta Vascular Clinic provides instructions on activity and how to care for your PD catheter after it’s placed to ensure proper healing. It’s generally recommended that you allow the catheter to heal for up to three weeks before you begin using it for your dialysis.

How do I use my PD catheter?

Your specialist at North Atlanta Vascular Clinic or your kidney doctor can teach you how to use your PD catheter once it’s healed. Your specialist also provides instructions on how to care for your catheter at home after it’s healed to prevent complications.

Your PD catheter shouldn’t interfere with any of your usual activities and with good care can be used for years.

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