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Leg cramps may seem like a minor annoyance, but they can be a warning sign of a serious problem, such as vascular disease. The skilled team at North Atlanta Vascular Clinic diagnoses and treats the cause of leg cramps at five locations in Suwanee/Johns Creek, Alpharetta, Cumming and Lawrenceville, Georgia. If you experience unexplained leg cramps, don’t hesitate to call or book an appointment online.

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Leg Cramps Q & A

What are leg cramps?

Most people experience leg cramps at some point in life. This painful sensation in one or both of your hips, thighs, or calf muscles may worsen after physical activities, such as climbing stairs. Leg cramps that are severe and come on suddenly without any clear cause may be a sign of a vascular problem that requires treatment.

Also called claudication, muscle pain and cramping in your legs is a common symptom of vascular disease. Leg cramps may worsen at night and appear with other symptoms, such as:

The team at North Atlanta Vascular Clinic treats leg cramps in patients of all ages, but this condition is most common among adults over 50.

What causes leg cramps?

Leg cramps may simply be due to muscle fatigue, or they may be a sign of an underlying vascular problem. Many patients experience leg cramps as a symptom of venous or arterial disease, such as:

If your leg cramps aren’t due to an underlying vascular condition, the team at North Atlanta Vascular Clinic recommends lifestyle changes to reduce cramping. This may include adjusting your hydration, diet, and exercise habits.

When should I see a doctor for leg cramps?

You should schedule an appointment at North Atlanta Vascular Clinic if you have leg cramps that don’t go away with home treatments such as rest and elevation. It’s especially important to seek treatment if your cramps occur along with numbness, weakness, or heavy legs.

Even if you don’t have other symptoms, you should be screened for the vascular disease if you have risk factors such as:

Don’t dismiss your leg cramps as a normal sign of aging. Without treatment, vascular disease can lead to serious complications like a stroke or heart attack.

The expert team at North Atlanta Vascular Clinic uses state-of-the-art technology, such as ultrasounds, to accurately diagnose your condition. Then, they develop a treatment plan to help you manage your condition and relieve leg cramping.

To prevent further damage to your blood vessels, call North Atlanta Vascular Clinic, or book an appointment online today.

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