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Often, cold hands can simply be caused by being in a cold environment. It might also be your body's natural reaction to maintain its normal temperature. But a continuous problem of cold hands could be due to several causes. Having cold hands can indicate a problem with the blood vessels or blood circulation in your hands. 

Treatment for Cold Hands

The treatment of cold hands depends on your symptoms, medical history, and diagnosis of the underlying disease. Your doctor will devise a treatment plan to treat the disease and also to improve the blood circulation and reduce the cold sensation in your hands. Along with medications your physician may also prescribe diet changes and exercises. 
We have a team of physicians at North Atlanta Vein and Vascular care center specializing in the treatment of cold hands. Our specialists monitor your response to the treatment and customize it accordingly.

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Cold Hands Q & A

What should I know about cold hands?

The temperature in your hands is regulated by the blood that flows from your heart. When it’s cold outside, your body may redirect warm blood from your extremities to the core of your body to help keep your vital organs warm, sacrificing the warmth of your hands. However, it’s also not uncommon for your body to redirect blood from your hands even when it’s not cold outside.

But if your hands never seem to get warm, then there may be an underlying issue with your body’s blood circulation that should be evaluated.

Causes of Cold Hands

There are many possible underlying causes that may affect the temperature in your hands. Some of the most common include:

Cold hands are one of the most common symptoms of Raynaud’s syndrome. This rare condition causes the blood vessels in your hands and feet to constrict when subjected to cold temperatures or stress. In addition to cold hands and feet, Raynaud’s syndrome may also cause your hands to look white or blue.

You may also develop cold hands if the blood vessels to your hand become blocked, referred to as vaso-occlusion.

Your specialist at North Atlanta Vascular Clinic conducts a comprehensive evaluation when you come in with complaints of cold hands. During your evaluation, your specialist reviews your symptoms and medical history and conducts a thorough physical exam. To further evaluate circulation, they may recommend various tests, such as a venous ultrasound or arterial duplex exam.

What treatments can improve my cold hands?

Treatment for your cold hands may depend on the underlying cause. Your specialist develops a personalized plan to help improve blood flow to your hands and decrease the cold sensation. Your treatment plan may include:

Your specialist at North Atlanta Vascular Clinic monitors your response to treatment and adjusts your plan as needed.

Cold hands can develop from many causes, including issues that affect circulation. For a comprehensive evaluation of your vascular system, contact North Atlanta Vascular Clinic today by phone or request an appointment online.