Special Travel Tips for People Suffering from Vascular Diseases

Special Travel Tips for People Suffering from Vascular Diseases

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You are probably aware that deep vein thrombosis (DVT) can create problems while traveling. But are you aware of how you can prevent the risk of DVT while flying for a holiday?

Read on to learn these special traveling tips for people suffering from DVT to avoid the risk factors and prevent them while traveling.

What Is Deep Vein Thrombosis and Other Vascular Diseases?

The diseases that affect the blood vessels in the body are called vascular diseases. The diseases can be inflammation of the blood vessels that can restrict blood flow in the different parts and organs of the body. It is imperative to say that if it remains untreated for a long period of time, it can result in irreparable damage to the body’s different organs. It can also be one of the reasons for cardiac attacks in people who ignore vascular diseases.

Vascular diseases like DVT can be very serious ailments. However, with proper treatment and lifestyle modifications, it is possible to keep a grasp on the diseases while enjoying travel.

Can You Fly with DVT?

The short answer is yes. However, it is always better to check with your doctor to ensure no immediate concerns can cause trouble while traveling. While vacationing, you must avoid any high-altitude places for travel. Furthermore, if you have varicose veins, it is not advisable to travel for more than 4 hours on a flight or in the car.

DVT results from blood clots in the body’s veins, in which the limbs are usually most affected. The blood clots can travel to the lungs and cause a pulmonary embolism.

DVT and Its Symptoms

DVT usually comes with tenderness or swelling in the calf muscles in the legs and can include some pain. You can also expect some redness in the affected body part. If you have been diagnosed with DVT, you must prevent blood clots from moving toward your lungs before it becomes fatal.

Are You at Risk of DVT While Traveling?

You are at risk of DVT or any other vascular diseases if you belong to any of the below-mentioned categories:

  • Older age: Older adults tend to have DVT, especially if they have other chronic illnesses like cancer. It can also affect you if you have poor mobility.
  • Recent surgical procedure: If you have been through any recent procedures that caused immobility or paralysis, you are at risk of getting DVT.
  • Family history: A family history of DVT can increase your risk.
  • Pregnancy: Pregnant women are at higher risk of developing DVT during their pregnancy.
  • Obesity: If you are obese, it can cause your blood flow to develop clots.

Tips to Reduce the Risk of DVT While Traveling

  • Wear compression socks
  • Keep moving around as much as possible during your journey
  • Drink lots of water and wear loose clothing
  • Periodically put your legs up and down

Why Choose North Atlanta Vascular Clinic for Vascular Diseases

  • Atlanta Community has the best expert and exceptional vascular care
  • They have an experience of more than a decade
  • Their physicians are well equipped and trained
  • A wide array of treatments is available in a warm and caring environment
  • Same-day appointments are available
  • The clinic serves with a variety of procedures
  • The clinic offers state-of-the-art imaging and testing equipment, allowing the doctors to diagnose problems and initiate treatment without unnecessary wait times.

Final Takeaway

If you are planning to travel and have concerns regarding your DVT, it is always better to consult with a specialist before you plan your holiday. At North Atlanta Vascular and Vein Center, we have the best doctors and the most appropriate treatment for DVT and other vascular diseases. Give us a call or book an appointment with one of our vascular specialists in Suwanee, GA.




North Atlanta Vascular Clinic and Vein Center

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