Common Myths About Varicose and Spider Veins

Common Myths About Varicose and Spider Veins

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Vein diseases have become a common health condition and affect millions of Americans. According to research conducted on the American population, more than 40 million people suffer from vein diseases. Varicose and spider veins are the two most common vein diseases.

Since these diseases are common, there are many myths surrounding them as well. We will examine myths related to varicose and spider veins and discuss the measures to help you prevent this disease.

Common Vein Health Myths

  • There Is No Difference Between Spider and Varicose Veins

    Since both diseases are vein conditions, people often think it is the same. However, this is not true. Varicose veins are enlarged veins that are twisted and get filled with blood, whereas spider veins are a variation of varicose veins.

  • Only Women Suffer from Varicose and Spider Veins

    Women are more prone to suffer from varicose veins and spider veins than men. However, men are equally at risk of getting varicose and spider veins.

  • Crossing Legs Cause Veins Disease

    Crossing your legs has no connection with the development of vein diseases. Vein diseases happen due to blood clotting and weakened veins. No research has proven that crossing legs can cause spider veins.

  • Varicose Veins Are Always Visible on the Skin’s Surface

    Varicose and spider veins are generally visible above the skin as a bulging and swollen cord. However, if you have a lot of fatty tissues between your leg muscles and skin, then they may not appear on the surface of the skin. In such cases, other symptoms, such as numbness, throbbing, and cramping of the legs, become crucial.

  • Treatment of Veins Disease is Painful

    With the advancement of technology, the treatment of vein diseases has become less painful. Some patients hardly feel pain post-treatment. However, for some, there is mild pain that can be reduced with medication.

  • Spider Veins Are a Sign of Aging

    Veins become weak with age which is the reason why people associate spider veins as a sign of aging. However, this is not true, and age just increases the chances of getting vein diseases.

  • Spider Veins Are caused to Overweight People Only

    Overweight people are at a high risk of getting spider veins on legs, as excessive weight can lead to the pooling of blood. However, not every overweight person is prone to develop spider veins, and anyone can be affected by this disease.

  • Spider Vein Is a Genetic Disease

    Genes have a role to play in vein diseases, especially for men, but this is not the only factor that can cause varicose veins or spider veins. There are many other factors involved as well.

  • There Are No Symptoms of Spider Veins

    This is not true. Common symptoms of varicose veins include twisted and swollen veins that are blue or purple in color, pain, itching, and skin discoloration.

Now that we have busted the common vein health myths let’s talk about the measures that can prevent these conditions.

Measures That Can Prevent Vein Disease

Follow these tips to prevent yourself from vein disease:

  • Wear compression stockings to improve blood flow.
  • Give up the sedentary lifestyle, and do more physical activities.
  • Maintain healthy body weight or consider weight loss.
  • Wearing tight clothes can restrict blood flow.
  • Limit alcohol consumption.
  • Take healthy foods for strong veins.

These tips can help prevent the development of varicose and spider veins. However, if you see bulging lines in your legs or feel repeated cramping and throbbing in your legs, then you must consult a vein disease specialist for an immediate diagnosis and treatment to prevent further complications.

Consult NAVC for the Best Varicose and Spider Veins Treatment

Don’t fall for rumors and myths. If you are experiencing varicose and spider veins symptoms, then immediately visit North Atlanta Vascular Clinic in Suwanee, GA. We strive to provide exceptional vascular care services at four locations in Atlanta. Our expert provides several treatment options for vein diseases personalized to your needs. So you don’t have to suffer alone. Schedule an appointment today to get started with your treatment!




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